How to Watch a Movie in 2016

Whether someone is watching a movie on their big screen TV, their desktop computer, or even their smartphone, there are more ways than ever to go about watching movies and television shows. That is because of the spy on cell phone text messages free has wide variety of services that enable someone to stream or rent movies and videos, and the accessibility that users have to them because of the internet.

Many people are still subscribed to services such as DirecTV or Time Warner. Many people, however, have grown accustomed to streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu, which enable them to watch a wide range of shows and videos straight from their mobile device. The emergence of new streaming services gives customers the option to choose between the top competitors, and decide which provider is going to be best for them.

These video streaming services are some of the most innovative apps and features that users are able to subscribe to. They’ve made it possible for users to have instant access to their favorite televisions shows, whether they prefer to watch The Office, Friends, or Game of Thrones – there is a streaming service that’s right for them.

The Top Video Streaming Services


At 7.99 a month, Netflix is one of the more affordable options available for watching a movie. Netflix is available as an app and can be used using a smartphone or tablet, or simply accessed using a web browser on a desktop or laptop computer. One of Netflix’s biggest strengths is the access it gives its users to its large quantity of television shows. Some users may prefer to access


Hulu is available to users for 7.99 a month as well, but it has certain advantages and disadvantages all its own. One of the biggest strengths of Hulu is the ability of users to view new content from television showers almost instantly thanks to the big studios that back the streaming service. Other

Amazon Prime Instant Video

The Amazon streaming service is available to those who are subscribed to Amazon Prime. Along with the videos and shows that this service allows them to watch, they also get free 2-day shipping on select products from Amazon’s network of vendors. That makes Amazon Prime Instant Video a great option for those who are already using Amazon and looking for a streaming service to get subscribed to.


Showtime is great because of the way that it enables its users to watch live what it is airing on its channels. It is a little more expensive at 10.99 per month, but it features shows that are only available through select services, such as Homeland.

HBO Prime

HBO made its own streaming service that gives its users the opportunity to watch live what it is broadcasting. HBO Prime is great for those who are fans of its current shows. It does cost 14.99, but it has no restrictions on simultaneous streaming, so password sharing and the use of an account by multiple users is a benefit of HBO Prime.

Whichever streaming service someone chooses to use, there are going to be benefits of subscribing to a streaming services. Whether someone has a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet, the ability to stream this sort of media directly to their device is an enormous benefit, especially for people who are travelling and on-the-go a lot and don’t always have the time to sit down and watch their favorite shows or media. The one thing that’s certain is that there are plenty of choices to choose from when it comes to deciding on a video streaming service in 2016!